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part 2...

6) For posts: How will TF moderators keep up with a high volume of posts and submitted innovator content? Perhaps if a resource is submitted to TF having already been pre-approved by more than one innovator then it would get some for of priority?

7) For search results: when there are no relevant results what call to action could you leave instead so that the refugee is less stuck and not still in the same situation after using your product? Perhaps you automate this action into a post on their profile? Could they share this question with someone to answer? Perhaps the web app suggest similar resources based on similar words to try instead?

8) General - you say your resources will be object not overly personalised to one person/ situation or belief - how will you achieve this?

9) General - How will the TF moderation team de-dupe the repeated problems to avoid duplication of work by the Innovators? You could have 50 innovators all working on the job hunting and no one suggesting content for learning language. Perhaps the Innovator assigns themselves to problem space they are actively working on so others know who is working on what at any given time?

10) What incentive could you give to the local points of contact or resource creators to keep going when they have become so valuable to their community? Perhaps you could have an annual award to recognise the best local resource contributors?

11) How do you define and vet an ‘innovator’ - can this be a member of the public with a lot of knowledge in the space? What criteria will you use? What qualifications or qualities should they have to be an authority on the subject? Perhaps a cleverly designed survey to pre-screen innovator applications could save you a lot of time and help prioritise which innovators to manually vet first?

12) For search queries: how will you add keywords to each resource across languages so that it gives relevant results. e.g. job and work are very related but ‘commission’ or ‘gig’ are less obvious. Will this be manually done at first? How could you automate this process?

13) What incentive do the refugees have to rate the web app resources? Does the url open a new tab and take them away from the web app? Could it remember where they have clicked and ask them to rate it when they return? Perhaps using a fun slider scale of happy to sad to rate the experience would feel more intuitive than having to think about a number and less spammy than stars.

Very cool. Nice work.

Part 1
My assumptions... there are two ways to solve a refugee need:

A) Through Search: A refugee will search for their ‘need’ in a search box e.g. I need a job, and this forms a list of search queries that
the innovators can read and suggest solutions for. e.g. a website that helps refugees find work. The innovator will then submit this website for approval by the tech refugee admin to make sure it is a legit company. The refugee will try out this website to find work and then rate the resource.

B) Through a Post: A refugee can’t find an answer to their query e.g. I need a bank account. So they will write a post visible on their account. A TR moderator will reply to this post in the comments linking to a relevant resource or page of resources on the web app. The refugee can rate this resource. If there isn’t a suitable resource to suggest the TR moderator will mark this as an ‘opportunity’. All opportunities will be listed somewhere so that the Innovators can see them and submit a suggestion to solve that ‘need’. The TF moderator will approve the proposals put forward for the opportunity. If it is relevant, a resource page will be created and it will be added to the search results as well as shared back with the refugee who posted about it in a comment on their post by the TF moderator.

1) If I am mistaken in my assumption B) how will refugees flag to the community that there is no solution to their need?

2) For search - How will you keep this list of suggested resources up to date?
when one query has many resources there is less incentive to work on them, how to incentivise them to get updated and checked? Could they have an expiry date when they need to be reviewed again or to see if better alternatives are on the market now?

3) For search: When there are a high volume of similar search queries, how will the app aggregate these themes in a timely manner and automate the content creation so that they don’t rely on a moderator to pick it up and provide content. Perhaps when something is queried ‘x’ number of times a new resource page is created automatically and a group of local reps are notified and asked if they can contribute information to this page to complete it as soon as possible.
5) For posts: How will the webapp identify when one need is a higher priority than another. Perhaps some needs are happening right now and need to be addressed in a short amount of time. Could the app have some sort of escalation process so the uploader marks as it as a live emergency and then the moderators also confirm it as a high priority and so this query would get answered by innovators and moderated first.