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Kasey commented on Give Women 2 Wheels to Fly

I completely know what you mean. Sometimes my courage in certain situations (especially behind shields) doesn't translate to the real world. Sometimes it does. I actually think this is a very important piece of the puzzle. The brief mentions safety itself as an opportunity- I think that's dead on. If we can leverage our shields that give us courage to take smart risks (e.g. go for that promotion, stick up for our idea, follow a passion) that can actually translate to socio-economic gains that are probably at the crux of lifting all humans into safer situations...

With regard to swords vs. shields, I'm so glad you're willing to play with me! Okay, here are some of mine, tennis shoes (I was told to always where tennis shoes when going places at night...even in the never know when you are going to have to run from something)

Swords: big flashlight near my bed, my locks, putting mace on the list, Tucker (my dog), where I live, car (chose a safe subaru), carbon-monoxide monitor in my house, street lights and front porch lights (actually are probably a shield and a sword)

Shields: Tucker (my dog), where I live, the covers (I still hide under those sometimes), my cell phone, street lights and front porch lights (actually are probably a shield and a sword)

Still thinking.....

With regard to questionable shields, I completely agree with earbuds. Sometimes I where them to actually block out ambient noise so I don't freak myself out. I really think there is something to this. Noise is such a powerful fear stimulus. It can also be very soothing. I wonder if there is a way to use noise/manipulate it to create shields...but also use it as a sword if need be. Like (this is crazy but go with it) could you have an app that sensed human presences around you and somehow alarmed you through your headphones. Then somehow (like when you turn your volume up or down on your headphones) you can press a panic button on your phone that automatically sends a call to nearest dispatch with your personal information and GPS location...?


Kasey commented on A safe state of mind?

hi David! This is exactly a conversation I am having a conversation with another OpenIdeator - we call it "shield vs. sword". What are our shields vs. our swords. Please join that conversation! You too, Meena!

David! Great questions. I'm going to tease some of those out with my friends here. Will get back when I have some perspectives. In the meantime, here's a personal anecdote about when my clothing made me feel uncomfortable and borderline unsafe. Last year I had a business trip to UAE/Qatar. On my return leg I had connections through Bahrain. It was late at night and my flight was long, so I was wearing my yoga pants. The second I stepped off the plane to go through security for transit, I felt uncomfortable, out of place, and possibly a little unsafe. No one was looking at me. But I felt very exposed and vulnerable. Clothing, appearance and norms do matter. I think they can be a symbol of courageous defiance or a source of vulnerable exposure depending on the situation....