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Karman commented on Taking Over Unsafe Areas with "Talk to Me" Events

I think it is an interesting idea, as it is seeking people to basically be leaders that are willing to provide a listening ear. How will the women know who the "action heroes" are, will the heroes be given some kinda shirt to indicate they have taken on that position? Will the heros be assessed in some ways to indicate that they are trustworthy? Overtime they could possess a lot of information, how would the general public have comfort to know that they can openly share their concern with a stranger and not have that retold to others? The program would very quickly fall apart if gossip starts to go around the community, and heroes could become a target of victim if people start to get upset, who will protect them?


Karman commented on Retroreflective Garments for Roadside Workers

Hi Suzanne,

I really like your concept and its fantastic to see the prototypes. Where would the women purchase these garmets? Would these ideally be purchased through local shops within the regions? Do you roughly know the mark-up cost to purchase one of these robes as oppose to an ordinary one? Would the women have an option to simply get these retro-reflective patches stitch on what they currently own?


Thank you for your feedback. My thoughts are that if you knew the attacker, then of course it would make it difficult for them to deny the assault. If you didn't know the attacker, then at least you would be able to describe to the police officers or higher authorities the characteristics of the person who attacked you, just like people would do now, however in this instance they would have an extra mark on them which would make the identification process easier.

The victim under attack in an emergency situation would attempt to free herself, instead of having to reach into her bag to get a pepper spray or reach into pocket for something in defence, the ring is already on her which is critical in the moment of emergency. She could instantly throw a punch on the attacker's arm if he is grabbing her. He will be shock to hear and see something break and liquid all over him, in that moment she could make a quick getaway and report it.

The rings could be purchased in the local markets or online.