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Hi Dalton,

Thanks for your comment! Our target group of mappers tended to be young city-dwellers, mostly between the ages of 20-30. In our experience, we did not encounter any issue with Android adoption among this group, at least in the areas of Lagos we were focused on (mainland and the island). There are many African megacities in the region resemble this trend (ex. Accra, Nairobi, etc.) - these large urban hubs are our key focus for now, I wouldn't be able to comment on the smaller cities but we can assume that internet penetration is lower there. Overall, one of the reasons we decided to launch in Nigeria is because of the high internet penetration (approx. 50%) relative to other countries.

If you are interested in a deep-dive on internet penetration for Nigeria and other countries in the region feel free to refer to this great resource:

Thanks for your question Isaac Jumba ! With the support of OpenIDEO and the Vodafone Americas Foundation, we believe that we can pivot our platform and operations to map out 10,000 healthcare outlets in 12-16 weeks. A brief timeline below:

Weeks 1-3: Building and implementing changes to our existing platform (app and web). This will allow us to use our tech stack to generate data specific to COVID-19 and PPE shortages.

Weeks 3-4: Testing platform and initial outreach to community groups and partners

Weeks 4-12: Data generation using our pivoted platform. For Lagos, this coincides with the end of social distancing measures (from the info available today).

Weeks 12-16: Data verification, cleansing and publicising: Here, we would ensure that all data corrected is accurate, verifying each outlet and PPE information. We would then amalgamatae the key attributes of this data and build a simple, easy to use map, accessible by the publc, for the 20M+ citizens of Lagos to access whether it be for the COVID-19 crisis or any future healthcare needs.

Hope this helps answer your question, and feel free to let me know if you have any others!