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Hi Dave!

I am currently working on an end-of-year university project about prosthetics and orthotics in conflict zones. Thank you for sharing your project! I have a couple questions that I hope you may have the answer to.

In the videos I watched relating to your projet in the Za’atari Refugee Camp I have only seen mostly hand prosthetics. However, Assem Hasna mentions in the France 24 coverage that you may be interested in lower limb prosthetics? Is that a projet that is underway? Or are there some hurdles that must be overcome? If so, is it possible for you to share some of the problems that are coming up?
I have read that one problem is the size and the cost of machines that are big enough to print lower limbs. Can you confirm this? What are the potential solutions?

Additionally, I overheard that an issue with 3D leg prosthetics is that they were unable to carry the weight of the the person wearing it. Once again this is information up-to-date?

I was also curious about the infrastructure needed to operate a 3D printer. In Jordan you are in the King Hussein Business Park if I am not mistaken. Would it be possible to have these printers work in more rural zones? (less electricity, dust ..?) Also, how many printers are currently operating? Do you have the number of prosthetics that have been printed and fitted in Za’atari?

I apologize for this sprall of questions! Thank you in advance for your help!
Hope to see a new update soon!