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Jurrien commented on Hello Stojo! Goodbye Disposable Cups.


Thanks for taking the time to review our submission and submit comments / questions. I wonder if you've even looked at our solution carefully? Or perhaps you're making a joke?

1. This isn't a bottle and it isn't insulated.
2. It folds up into a 2" thick disc with a 3.5" (12oz cup) and 4" diameter (16oz cup). There's nothing on the market that's reusable and more compact.
3. The cup is retractable.


Jurrien commented on Hello Stojo! Goodbye Disposable Cups.

Rafeed, you look astonishingly similar to Cristiano Ronaldo! Thanks for your question.

We have a sophisticated digital marketing team who are able to reach potential customers via highly targeted ads to Facebook, Instagram, Google AdWords, retargeting and email campaigns. We are able to control ad spend such that we place small tests with different types of audiences at different times in different locations. We automatically adjust spend up and down according to real time performance. So if one target audience reacts well, we increase spend and conversions increase. If reaction isn’t making money, we turn off and go back into test mode or abandon segment altogether. This is done 24 hours a day and typically follows the peak shopping and social media times for each geography.

So for example, if Starbucks or McDonalds wants to promote this in their shops, we can target to the exact market we want. We would only spend money on HK market if the cups are available in HK. We wouldn’t spend in a geography with no cups. This is what we do internally to drive sales for Stojo and it works very well.


Jurrien commented on Hello Stojo! Goodbye Disposable Cups.

Phoenix, thanks for your questions. We are the original premium collapsible coffee cup. Many people (especially Chinese) are copying our design and infringing on our IP these days. But their product is cheap, made from less than premium materials, and doesn't work as well. And they don't innovate, they only copy. So we will always have the next best thing. What makes us stand out is our branding, our singular mission to end disposable culture, and that our cup is leak proof. No mess when it's collapsed. The other copycats have leaking issues. These cups range from US$15-25. But if we were to partner with SB and McD on scaling this to hundreds of millions of units, we could get this to customers for US$5 or less. This compares to SB's cup at $2. Ours costs more, but is compact, leak proof, works well with iced beverages as well as hot, and would actually get used. We know this because we have tens of thousands of customers who tell us this. We would optimize the design in collaboration with internal SB and McD operations and design experts, taking into account their operational preferences, to make the most affordable solution that works within their eco-sphere. We envision people owning their own cups, but this could also work as part of a return and wash concept with a deposit all powered by apps and barcodes if SB and McD wanted. We have access to coders here in Brooklyn as part of the WeWork Lab ecosystem and are currently developing our own internal app for Stojo. Would work the same way. Hope this helps! Jurrien