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I liked the post and in a first view the idea is really good but I think that it might still need a bit of digin properly into it.

On the one hand I can see that you really though about what families and parents could need in this countries, but what if instead of you designing the kid a gathering of all the parents was organized to discuss between everyone what would be best for the children? Because sometimes nobody can know better but the own citizens which are the needs of their children and that unified with your knowledge about it also coul give a much complete and exact cover of the necesitie.

On the other hand I am sure Dvds and technologies could be valuable for the children but what about using more simple and touchable toys? kids of that age are learning how to move, how to take, colours and physical staff draw their attetion completely so what if we included for example;

- Books about certain topics ( Colours, animals, daily life actions, family, food, geography..) that could include a small explanation about each of the different learnings and the word in another languague + some blocks or puzzels with the same topic of the book so that at the same time they could develop their 3d sences. ( Example: drawing of a cat, description, cat in another languague and the shape of the ct to build with blogs)

- Also I find sounds very important so they could have a small instrument with different recorded sounds and also the possibility for them to play with instructions of how to do it if needed.

- Also materials for playing sports( like rackets, or balls)

Finally, it would be really constuctive if each of the families had a pachage with different topics and materials so that each 2 weeks there could be a day in which the whole village or part of it could gather together play togetherand exchange their material for the following to weeks so that not so much money is needed and the iniciative could be more accesible.

Keep fighting for this tipe of ideas, and for a better world! congratulations!