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Great Cristina! Please let me know if you have any questions.
I believe your submission has good chances of turning into a solid 2050 Vision!
Reach out if there's anything you need.
All the best,

Hi Sarina,
You are right, sorry if I mixed up your thoughts! We are definitely looking for a high-level vision.
What I meant with my comment, was that in order to help you project your scenario to the 2050, it could be interesting and useful to think about data related to your strategies. Currently, you work with local project leaders to be agents of change, How many are they? How is that pathway going to adapt life in 30 years compared to Today?
In terms of knowledge: Will the trainings remain focused on farming? If so, how will farming evolve as an activity in the next years? Which area could complement the skills according to the future you imagine?
Here you can find a recording of the Future-casting Webinar, it can give you some tips and resources:
Hope there's no more confusion. Let me know if you have any additional comments or doubts!
All best,

Hi Sarina Kilham welcome to the Food System Vision Prize Community!
Your team has built a really nice Vision with lots of potential and your commitment with the population and evolution of Bahia is admirable. I believe the objectives you want to achieve are clear in terms of projecting the current situation to the ideal scenario but let's keep in mind we should be imagining the situation 30 years from now. I would like to invite you to go deeper in the projection, push the limits to picture: What would a day in your life be like in 2050? Then think about the strategies. Having a path based on Human connections, Knowledge and Ethical abundance is very powerful, but how can we add some elements that help us measure the outcome? Since the Prize asks you to imagine the world in 2050, one of the most promising resources that can help you make a disruptive yet feasible Vision is data. We’ve put together a wide range of resources and websites that can help you pull out data relevant to your context and Vision.
You can find them here:
Keep on working, you are doing great!
Look forward to seeing your Vision evolve through the coming days, please get in touch if you have any questions.
Wish you all the best!