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Hi Kate, thanks so much! We're thrilled to be through to this round. Hope you enjoy the tasting, let us know your thoughts! We love gathering "taste descriptors" for the beer we can use in our communications. Toast was served at the London Urban Food Awards last week and was the most popular beer served on the night... And this week we're hosting a social gathering tasting our newest collaboration brew: a barrel brew of Toast made in collaboration with Temple Brew House. 

Hi Dan, fantastic! Thanks so much for your support!  Australia is on our radar as a potential franchise location as craft beer is taking off there so quickly - would you say the same for New Zealand? Any tips you can offer us about the market there, or which are the leading food waste charities which a local Toast brew could collaborate with and donate profits to?

Hi Brian, one interesting policy in the USA is IRS - section 170 - enhanced deduction.  It incentivises donating food to food banks or other redistribution channels by allowing you to claim half of your product margin as a loss. So if you produce milk at a cost of $3, and sell it at $4, if you throw it away you can only claim the loss of $3.  However if you donate it, you can claim the loss of $3.50. That is one incentive in that market, although if anyone pays for the surplus food you cannot claim enhanced deduction. This could apply to your idea of reclaiming perishable surplus fruit from supermarkets. Good luck!