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Hi Evelyn, Thanks so much for putting your thoughts into this, we will be considering a number of franchising and partnership arrangements as we scale and for certain markets your Cultural Sustainable Partnership model is great to consider.  You're right, we use a similar model in some of our current "collaboration brews" as described in our reply to Dan Lewis about Wiper and True.  With the right partners, we're happy to continue partnering in that way. One issue we'd need to work out is how to operate Toast sustainably on just 5% of profits from those brews- the profit margins from brewing beer are not huge, we would need to be very efficient in managing our partnerships, and those partners would need to be brewing at a large scale in order to pay for the staff time Toast puts into each partnership. I'm sure we could work that out. I love the idea of making this a Roaring 20s Contest!  The Great Global Bread Brew-off? (sorry that was a very bad pun about our popular TV show "The Great British Bakeoff" ;)

Our franchise model of 100% profit donation is part of the impact we want to have on the world: we want to show that a new way of successfully and sustainably doing business is possible, pouring profits into purpose. We distribute the profits to local food waste charities, primarily the non-profit organisation Feedback at the moment. This doesn't mean that people brewing Toast can't take out a reasonable salary to sustain their livelihoods and re-invest in the business, it just means we don't distribute profit dividends to shareholders, we re-invest all profits in the cause, and prefer a financing model of repayable loans, crowdfunding or start-up donations rather than equity.  

So there may be a place for both of these options as we go global - 100% profit donation models, plus profit-sharing arrangements with partner brewers! Watch this space...


Julia commented on RISE Products

Thanks so much Bertha! (PS: Julie is my Toast team member co-leading this challenge with me from the UK - Julie and Julia, confusing!)


Julia commented on RISE Products

Hi Bertha, loved reading your update about Strong Rope Brewer!  We've actually just started working in New York to bring Toast there... and our US team member would love an introduction, would that be possible at all? Her email is Their ethic with wanting to reduce waste seems like a great fit for us too! Thank you so much - Julia