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Julia commented on human first

Naman Mandhan thank you for the reply! The projects I often work with students include community engagement, industry partners, and hands on skills. In terms of community interactions and industry partners, everything is up in the air at this point. Integrating partners right now is a case-by-case basis. Hands-on comes in various forms - makerspace equipment (3d printers, laser, cnc, soldering, etc.), lab work... so much is required in engineering that relies on building and prototyping that is all difficult to do in this environment... but not impossible

The course I just completes was on engineering design and testing. Two of the projects that had to be dropped were testing material properties. We were going to test the elasticity of tennis strings for a tennis team and the strength of different cement ratios for concrete. The students were in the process of getting the specimens ready and establishing lab protocols when the pandemic hit. They were seniors, and leading their project. We had a class discussion about how we should move forward to ensure they met the learning outcomes - I had an idea in mind but wanted them to be a part of their education at this point. As a class, we decided to have me find data and have them analyze it. There was another faculty member who had data that could be analyzed, and I created 3 assignments for them to analyze different data sets, so they could still get the experience of analyzing materials. Next year, if we are still online, I actually would only do one- and in more detail. I believe iteration is key. There were certain concepts, such as how to present data in a coherent way to various audiences, that would help the students to hone in their understanding of materials properties that I don't think we got to in detail.

This summer I am planning out projects for a freshman engineering physics course. We want this to be hands on, even if they are far away. We will mail kits with things they need to build, and use items around their home. For example, we are going to have them build a rube Goldberg machine and then do force diagrams and analyze different parts to see if they can predict time/speed based on physics principals. We will have students create a video of their devise as a way to show it online.

There are a lot of things to consider, like access to resources and internet. Many students are coming from different back grounds and so it is hard to find ways to make sure all needs are being met.