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Joanna commented on Dementia Care Rapid Response Team

Hi Rachael Wonderlin - we gathered some thoughts on your idea and would love to hear your responses!
First, we're curious about who you envision being part of your team of people. Will they be caregivers? experts? healthcare providers? We're curious if you've looked into UnitedHealthcare's Solutions for Caregivers - it's a case management service and ~10-20% of cases are Alzheimer's/Dementia related. We're working closely with UnitedHealthcare during this Challenge and heard from them that charging for a service when it's an urgent or immediate need is a tough model. In your work have you come upon on organization that's successfully modeled this, especially at scale? We'd love to hear any thoughts you might have at this early stage about how the Rapid Response Team is viable from a business perspective.
We're also curious how the Rapid Response Team is unique from organizations with case/care managers that people can hire.
Thanks and keep up your fantastic work!


Joanna commented on YouthCare

Hi Nihal we gathered some (ok, a LOT of :)) thoughts about your idea and are curious to hear your responses.

How much of your mobile app is currently built out?
Does your current funding primarily come from foundations? Do you have ambitions to become profitable and what might that look like? Is there a sustainable model?
How much of the UCLA branding is currently carried into the programs?
How are you thinking about scaling, especially keeping in mind quality and training controls? Do you think there's possibility and/or desire, as you scale, to use the UCLA name or will it take on another form?

What role does the training play in the execution of the service? How do your ensure there's consistency and continuity of care in your service - considering both the experience for the person with dementia and the caregiver. Do they get a bio of the person before they show up?
What is the application process for students - are background checks involved or other vetting? What is the setting in which the programs typically take place?

Thanks so much for answering our many questions - we look forward to your responses!

Hi Amy Li - we've gathered a few thoughts on your idea and are curious to hear your responses.
We're wondering if you've though about distribution - how are you currently getting this service to people and what are your distribution goals? On that note, is it currently an offering that in-home caregivers could use? How does that experience at home look? If it possible for caregivers for those with dementia to use it as home, have you thought about how to ensure that the person with dementia can safely dance? How does the caregiver know it's safe activity for them?

We'd also like to learn more about how your idea is specific to caregivers for dementia - you have quantitative or qualitative data on the impact of Dance4Healing for that specific end user? One stat that you mention - reducing pain by 59% - is interesting. Can you tell us more about that number?

Thank you and keep up your incredible work!