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Joshua commented on Children's community resource centers

Thank you Benjamin.
It does address parents quite interactively.
Non Parents however are an illustration you should bringing out clearly as the project seems to side line them a bit .
Thanx again.
I love the idea, best of luck.


Joshua commented on Children's community resource centers

Hi Esther,
I have reviewed your idea. Granted, it is unique, I notice its focused on both children and their parents, the later being the priority. It however comes off to me as though the parents would be here for their children primarily.
Could you adjust this model to support even that parent who is interested in benefiting and yet has no children?
Second, I also notice that in a way, this is an alternative or rather substitute to main stream education for the kids that cannot afford school, my question becomes, what next?
At some point these children out grow the play and early childhood stages, what is in place for them, you will have given them a foundation, what next?
In my opinion, this model would serve better given the following issues are addressed:
1. A "semi-formal" curriculum for the children to keep them at the same level as those in mainstream education. The alternative is a full on skills course the children can gradually develop to enable them attain applicable real life skills, of course keeping close watch not to breach child labor regulations.

2. A small separate program to attract and invite parents and non-parent community members in search of skilling opportunities.

3. An exit strategy for kids who are exiting the "early childhood" stages, for example, linkages to technical schools, bursaries to secondary school, gainful apprenticeship with people or companies that feed off of their "skills set area".

That said, i think this can go a long way in bridging the illiteracy gap and saving many a child from becoming the next "irresponsible citizen" as a result of lack of opportunity and professional guidance.