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Hi Tilly,
Thanks a million for your reply and for the links! I'll check them out!


John commented on FruitRaft

Martin Voorma I think the idea you are presenting with FruitRaft is very interesting and could probably help in some extent to solve the problems you describe. Do you have any data of the changes in water quality over time? How can you validate those changes, what type of testing of the water quality can you do?
Best regards,

Thank you for a great vision!
Do you think the Hudson Valley situation is unique, or would you expect that your proposed model could be easily transferred to any other region of the world, where the food culture are suffering from much of the same problematics? (Asking for a friend...)
How do you feel about the extreme focus on carbon sequestration (from a farmer´s point of view) over the last years, is that really what matters the most?