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Hi Krysta Traianovski  , this is a great idea with some excellent research. I'm happy to hear you are already in development talks with partners like Google. It reminds me of a semi-automated version of the new Amazon Echo Show, which I am very interested in using with my grandmother when our relationship becomes long-distance. I could see using this as an additional feature, maybe in the bathroom it could even be a motion detector thing. It would be nice if my grandmother could remind my grandmother to wash her hands after using the bathroom!! Best of luck, Molly

Hi Heather Holmes it was really helpful to see your most recent mockup document to get an idea of what the idea looks and feels like. The "why it matters" section is a great addition for educating caregivers with highly relevant information-- budgeting & bottom line. Great work, I hope to be able to use it in the future!


Molly commented on Respite Lite [Updated 12.25.17 with goals]

Hi Joy Johnston , I really appreciate your idea, you’ve brought a great idea with some really comprehensive service components to the challenge. You cover many service aspects, so it is a great example of how it can grow, since it is grounded in Phase 1 (outreach and take-away) Care bags. The addition of feedback forms in the care-bags is a great way to integrate continuous improvement, and adapt your second phase solutions to the target populations needs. I would suggest that the doctor deliver the bags, not the caregiver center— that way those that most need it (are most likely to stay for the whole appointment, rush home, etc) will still receive the first touchpoint of the service. Or perhaps somewhere else... it could be interesting to map the interactions that all/most caregivers share, other than a PCP. There needs to be an “In” for caregivers who are not at hospitals or living in major cities. In this sense I could see it as a successful subscription (free/subsidized cost model) service. You could advertise and target to populations with SEO, looking at search queries common to caregivers for loved ones with dementia. Since you are looking for business development partnerships and distribution partners, perhaps looking at amazon (shipping) or other corporate sponsors that have ties to user needs, such as target or Wal-Mart because they have pharmacies and are one-stop shopping. I think it is a great idea that care bags do not need to contain expensive options—even just extra denture cleaners or other freebies that make their caregiving role easier, could be a form of respite from the simple frustration of having to buy all these things. (But I imagine the feedback you get from participants in phase 1 will be best for determining the offerings in the care bag.) This is a really great idea, and I wish you the best of luck.