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Jose commented on Caneware - I am NOT a paper cup

Hi Tim,

Congratulations on being today’s featured contribution.

I honestly believe these types of contributions worth all the effort of challenges at as this idea is clear, concise, very objective and has already valid research and a firm structure behind. I also believe that by supporting the circular economy and initiatives such as ‘The Compost Club”, companies can leverage their competitive advantage and help closed-loop environments.

The use of sugarcane as the main component of your 100% natural caneware cups it is also very aligned with my understanding of compostable packaging, the implementation and effects on the environment.

I have a couple of points that may serve as constructive feedback to further stages of your business which I am sure you have had discussed already.

1) One of the most significant issues as you have mentioned before it is to encourage people to dispose of cups in composting facilities. There is another proposal in this website, which it could fit this purpose by offering stations that attract people with incentives in money or lotteries.

2) How would you encourage people to recycle even in the most straightforward way, busy societies and massive-consumption are reducing people’s spare time enough distract people in this task, have you had any marketing idea or government support to boost these actions in our current society?

I hope your idea gets to the final and win; I genuinely think this is the way we will solve the NextGen Cup Challenge.

Warm regards from Australia.



Jose commented on Arbitraging Recovery

Hi Bodhi,

I find your submission an exciting idea to address this challenge because it indeed aims to target people within a specific sector and encourage them to recycle coffee cups.

Indeed, the use of ‘Skewness’ and ‘loss aversion’ seems to be a clear and suitable strategy to introduce to the public the lottery solution as it creates a sense of ‘novelty’ that can lead people to use it in the first attempt. However, moving forward to further stages of your business I got a couple of questions that may help you to build action plans or partnerships.

1) How would you attract different targets such as people not interested in lotteries or these types of bargaining activities?

2) How would you sustain the business model in the long-term to remain active in the customer’s mind and not be forgotten after a few years?

3) Would you consider partnerships, to market the business and keep people interested in recycling coffee cups frequently? Would you promote it on a weekly, or monthly basis?

Congratulations for your idea, I am sure the OpenIDEO staff will be pleased to read it, and I hope you get to the final stage.

I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Cheers from UTS.


Hi Taru, this is such an impressive submission. From my point of view, affordable and sustainable housing is a differentiator that would definitely constitute a competitive advantage not just in developing countries, or disadvantaged communities but in the whole world. Prices are dramatically increasing worldwide, especially in big cities where the gap between people rich and poor people is higher.

I am from Colombia where the inequality is even higher and these type if initiatives are definitely the key to overcome so many housing issues, to integrate and contribute to the development of better societies. Well done! Jose Rodriguez