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Julia commented on Community Play

Hi Bidur and team. Actually this idea seems very similar to our one. Please can you also give us your tips on what interexting you have found out. Regarding your idea you probaby need to consider what do you mean by necessary parental skills? We found out that this is very broad theme. Maybe choose one or two skills which you think are most serious problems and focus on fixing those. How is the hole 'teaching' going to look like ? Hot exactly is going to be performed? Who are the volountees? Wgat do you mean by 'expert volounteers'? Experts in what? Do parents need to be experts ? Etc etc etc. Look forward to hearing from you.

Hello. I would suggest you focus on what is the actual solution to the problem you have identified. Be very specific. Who is going to benefit from this solution ? Where, what country, city village etc. HIV can be passed over by breastfeeding. Colic problem is usually caused by breastfeeding. Also mother has to be VERY carefull what she eat to prevent that going to her milk. Some mothers cannot breastfeed after few months for multiple reasons. Find out what is the exact problem you are trying to solve, who is your audiance, where do they live, why they do not breastfeed at the moment and then try to find a solution to that. Good luck!


Julia commented on Grow Your Future

Hi Guys. Idea is potentially really powerfull. Its fairly simple, not expensive and to be honest can be done nearly everywhere. I think you should slightly tweek the content and then its ready for testing. At the moment your seeds list seems to be a bit accidental. Obviously you are not going to grow a banana or sweet potato in a tiny paper box. But spinach - why not? Also probably you need to find out what nutricion are these plants giving to a body. For example: rice and spinach. Rice has a lot of carbohydrates and vitamnis, can be eaten daily and will give you all nutricion you need to survive. Spinach have low nutrition value, loads of vitamins but should not be eaten daily because it has oxalic accid. So you need to be very very carefull with selection of plants and nutrician values it will give to society. Especially when society is lacking of proper food. Why dont you contact some nutricion or dietician to consult. Hope that this will help you with this as the idea itself is huge potential.