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Thanks, Andre.

I really enjoyed the TED talk you linked, and I think it is a relevant topic given the overall momentum away from cash. I loved the monopoly case-study! In the past I've definitely felt like I made purchasing decisions differently when I wasn't using cash, and especially so when I was using some form of payment that was abstracted away from traditional currencies, e.g. tokens, digital currencies.

I think a tool like we're suggesting could be helpful in the age of digital spending because it could provide an incentive system and social feedback to help reinforce some of the positive behaviors that are no longer at the top of mind as we move away from cash.

Do you think there are digital alternatives for the natural feedback systems that we usually associate with cash? How do you interact with the financial abstractions?

Thanks, Sergio. Interesting thought - I actually hadn't considered the jpg approach to recreate the experience of viewing the screens on an iPhone.

We have developed scenarios that step through the experience for potential users with different characteristics, and we have staged conceptual tests by discussing the tool and potential incentives that would influence the behavior of different segments of users.

Stay tuned for an update tomorrow that includes the scenarios!

Thanks for offering to help, Sergio. We're currently working on developing several scenarios to help communicate how the user would interact with the app and highlight the benefits. Hopefully this will help answer some of the key questions and guide the next stage of discussion.

The capabilities above are not listed in order of importance; we think that these three elements are all important to the process, and that some individuals may be more interested in one or two of the elements than another. Our hope is that the tool can provide an incentive structure that is customized to the user - you would be able to create an incentive system that fits with your interests and lifestyle to help reinforce the other two elements (budgeting and sharing).

We look forward to getting your thoughts on the scenarios once we post the update.