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John commented on Saving the Salish Sea

I enjoyed and appreciated your Vision. At some point it would be great to connect to understand how best practices can be shared for aquaculture in Uganda. Many thanks!


John commented on Kick Stunting Out of Kasese!

Hi Itika, thanks for the question! Our vision evolved from leaders in the Bukonzo and Nande culture where food, or lack of it, literally defined death; let me tell you the story. The Bukonzo have an elaborate ceremony when a person dies. To this day you'll see graves of ancestors in front of adobe homes, believed to protect the household. One day, legend has it, the deceased ancestors flew in to visit a Bukonzo home and were hungry but extra food was not prepared. They searched everywhere but none could be found. The ancestors decided to create "death" and so it has been throughout the ages. Bukonzo are now numbered among Christians and Muslims with other views yet the cultural norm is to over-feed visitors. There are always plenty of left overs! In other words, angering the ancestors again is definitely not part of the menu! But I digress...our visual and storytelling techniques are driven by the culture of our Place. They coined our battle cry to "Kick Stunting Out of Kasese" and they are the ones that must respond to our story. For example, we asked mountain pastors how Bukonzo might perceive drones - roaming spirits of ancestors? Will a 10,000 drone constellation be scary (~1 for every 25 families)? Clearly, what comes from outside must be grown from within; we are creating this Vision with a community that loves boda bodas and mobile phones. The pastors conclude they'll love drones too! With Rwenzori Foundry (a local arts and culture center that fires bronze to create impressive sculptures) we'll use cultural symbols and local icons (glaciers, safari animals, fabrics, foods) to weave together a transformational legend for the Mountains of the Moon. We have the conflict issues that our story requires: such as rebel unrest seeking to re-establish the Rwenzururu kingdom/culture. We want to weave in the idea that they may find a "mobile-phone pay-as-you-go" food system, funded by PPPs (public-private partnerships), representative of how Government can support their kingdom and culture, transforming relations with Bukonzo in Uganda and DRC. We also want to represent in our visual and storytelling that the Rwenzori Food System will transform lives by eradicating malnutrition for extremely poor farmers, reshape local foodscapes by relentlessly enabling gender inclusiveness and using family/people-centered design, and, harmonize geopolitical aspirations with strategies driving triple bottom line - people, profits and planet. This necessarily means we must incorporate "Kingdom issues" including refugees (Uganda hosts the 3rd largest refugee population in the world), bring in safari tourism (we stumbled on a cool idea for integrating lucrative tourism with our food system) and game changing policies from the African Union. But the "supreme enemy" lurching in the bushes is stunting! The community has spoken. And its backed by science - the latest professional survey revealed a 49.8% rate of stunting in our Place. Our own survey in 2019-2020 suggests this won't be reversed without helping mountainous farmers, mostly women, who have ~6 children each (one of the world's highest fertility zones). Look, no one wants to hear their child is stunted! Yet there are 149 million stunted children in the world today! We need to re-energize "decade of nutrition" tactics (2020-2030) and then keep the flame going, heralding a new 2050 foodscape! Using ICT/Drone-Enhanced Food Systems, our community will not only build the backbone of a regenerative and nurturing food system but spur high impact innovations that can replicate worldwide, raising up extremely poor mountainous people and transforming nutrition and socio-economics in developing countries. So...the ancestors of our People that created death may find some competition in the skies with drones! But they'll be pleased to find balanced food served up to healthy and happy kids gathered around a table with chairs or on a rug...and not a mud floor. Rebels may appreciate a government-promoted utility that equips them to overcome poverty using the Rwenzori Food System - a utility/GPS platform of drones, green warehouses, smart electric, food genetics and soil lab clusters, etc., where hundreds of students are working, trained at Rwenzori International University and Kasese Better Living Center - transforming our acclaimed "bread basket of Africa" into a vibrant, culturally-rich economy! Perhaps casting experts at Rwenzori Foundry will help warriors to "beat their weapons into plowshares" and join the new food system. And...families visiting our Place from every walk of life to experience their first wild giraffe, elephant, lion or hippopotamus (how exciting!) will be equally ecstatic about how grand safari resorts are enthusiastically serving socially-inspired, branded mountain foods that are lifting extremely poor mountainous families out of poverty, equipping Moms and Dads to dramatically turn the tide from stunting and wasting to educated, healthy and happy kids!


John commented on Delhi 2050: A Gastronomic Paradise

Great work. Thanks for your insights; we may be in contact as our work evolves. Love Delhi. Wish your team much success. - John