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Governments (and officials) fear change and flexibility, for it means a loss of control (or power) or a possible transfer of this power to others. In some ways, technology is a threat to those in government for it makes them feel vulnerable to more people, more often.

Every smartphone is now a mini computer as well as a tool for communications (one to one)...., and change (one to many), which may be even more unsettling in the near future to those wanting less change or by more controlled means.

Control and change are two powerful words that have cost many lives in the desire to erase one or the other. They must be acknowledged as part of our human nature (archetype) and not forgotten for a moment...., as we try to go from human to humane.

Work needs to be dignified and appreciated..., again. The craft in craftsmanship has been lost in the rush to make everything at the lowest cost. If we want everything to be the cheapest, then the health of workers will be neglected in order to compete in a world that wants the cheapest, no matter the long term cost to all of us.

Companies need to be encouraged to make work situations more meaningful in simple ways that don't require big budgets to implement. Such practices will act as a catalyst for more improvement as companies see happier workers and smarter productivity (as a by product of such improvement).