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Jemma commented on Secure Home

I like the themes you have taken up in this idea and they seem relatable to me. Clean well articulated image which manages to not fall into cliches of home but looks forward to a future of growing issues of the apparent insidious ‘intelligence’ of our white goods at home.


Jemma commented on Good Cybersecurity Housekeeping

Thanks for the comment. I suddenly realised we are into the last day of the challenge - a lot has been going on in my world and I only just picked up the email after pegging our the washing and folding the dry clothes... as stereotypical and cliched as its sounds daily domestic routines as the norm for a lot of people. I think developing the idea of making Cybersecurity as part of everyday life ‘domestic’ ‘norms’ has got a lot of mileage that still can be explored in a number of stylistic ways. I am thinking of my mum who is in her 70s - my line manager who is in her mid 50s - the man in the Clapham omnibus - all who have embraced the advances of technology because the have to and are the benefits but may be don’t get the extent of reach of potential issues that might effect them. Bringing it down to relatable household relatable levels might get a large tracts of people (who are most easy to prey on for nefarious people) educated in protecting themselves rather than being partially ignorant through lack of interest or exposure. Relatable imagery, well crafted and the antithesis of computer/ tech imagery. And I will comment on some others now!
Dima Boulad


Jemma commented on Good Cybersecurity Housekeeping

Hi @AshGardiner - thank you for your comment. I think what is key in the concept is the the idea is the pastiche of vintage ‘good housekeeping’ type magazines. I agree that by its very nature it is stereotypical of a particular culture, ethnicity, gender and inferred sexuality. This is a massive struggle if any figurative imagery is used in concepts - we can’t paint the world in emoji yellow. I believe that the whole issue of re thinking the perception of Cybersecurity it to make it more accessible to more people and this includes in my view more relatable imagery which is going to have to include people as an anchor of tangibility to contrast the ethereal nature of the cyber world. My concept development would be to take these from existing visual reference sources and if this required a number of versions to make the cultural references have resonance in different regions that would have to be explored. I am very aware of the fine line thinking about what ‘home and hearth’ means with global exceptions being so diverse and how it might be represented. In the boarders terms my concept is about cybersecurity beginning at home. ‘Home’ is a unique thing to all of us and a challenging representation in itself.