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Jeff commented on LEMA -Literacy Education and Math Lab

Catalina, I really enjoyed watching the video about the initiative. This strikes me as a practical initiative that can be applied in many locales. I was curious to know how specifically you tailor to cultural context. The organization I work with, Mango Tree Uganda, has a lot of experience creating culturally relevant materials for illiterate audiences.

I would imagine that for Africa, you could have not just language-specific games, but country-specific ones as well. After all, people eat different foods, they raise different animals and they do different activities. And many low-literate communities perceive images quite "literally", meaning they may not make the link that a generic picture is representative of a concept. If a man, for instance, is not wearing the appropriate local dress, they may not register that he is meant to represent "man".

I would love to hear more about your experience in making the game align with the cultural context of different communities. Thanks!

Amowi, reading your post, I was reminded of Jane Jacobs' "The Death and Life of Great American Cities", which advocated for mixed-used urban planning. One of the things she argued against were parks that were set apart from city life and not fully integrated into their urban environment, which she believed led to crime-ridden green spaces.

Hi Michael, I'd be interested in reading a bit more about the use of mobile phones to teach phonics in Ghana. I'm not sure if I missed the link in the string, but I notice a number of contributors have referenced Ghana in particular. Can you point me in the right direction?