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Wearable fitness devices have become a hit because they seamlessly track data and provide accountability to those seeking a widely desired wish: live a healthier life. The recycling world can learn from this example to create ways to quantify the rec

Wearable fitness devices have become a hit because they seamlessly track data and provide accountability to those seeking a widely desired wish: live a healthier life. The recycling world can learn from this example to create ways to quantify the rec

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Juan commented on Recycling Themed Story Writing Contest for Kids


I think this is a great idea and agree with Meena that it can be easily prototyped. I also like that

Your post took me back to my elementary school days, days in which we used to do plays about several topics. I remember the topic of every one of them because they usually required at least two months of preparation, because we got to design our own costumes, and because all of these had a fun element attached to them. The time during which you have kids' undivided attention is precious and can be used as a teaching opportunity, not to mention that most kids know that their parents will attend the play and want to do well in front of them.

What about creating recycling-themed plays for kids in school? Maybe the winning story from the writing contest becomes a play later in the school year or the following year? Or you can also lead with the school play and follow up with a recycling-themed assignment.

Either way, I think you're onto something great here!


Juan commented on Recycling Champ, Updated 4, June 1st

Great update! Really love how you read my mind and sketched an awesome pair of badge examples. Here are some thoughts based on your feedback requests:

1. I would increase the difficulty level between challenges, as, again, doing things too early could make the task seem harder to achieve. However, I can see where you're going with this and believe there is a point at which you can start inserting this concept. A real life example that comes to mind is Shaun T's T25 workout series. The people at BeachBody just want you to complete the Alpha phase as is, but, in order to get you to buy the Gamma series of DVDs, they tell you that you can replace the last week of the Beta phase for some Gamma workouts. Yes, their rationale for doing this is to make more money, but the point is that they only talk about a more advanced option once you are in the habit of doing the workouts, start to see results, and can look back at what you've accomplished. Maybe a good place to increase difficulty within challenges is once somebody has moved on to phase 2 or 3, depending on how we develop the details of the game.

Another thought: if you want to encourage the completion of bonus assignments, why not track the number of "extra credit" assignments completed? This itself can become a badge, like "Overachiever" award or something along those lines. Something to think about!

2., Trigger. Maybe it's me, but not 100% sure what you're specifically looking for. Can you please elaborate more?

3. Prototyping early challenges. Happy to help, so count me in! However, let me raise a yellow flag; keep the audience in mind. If we are the ones being asked to try the challenge, there is a high probability that we're recycling enthusiasts and already engage in some sort of recycling activity. This is fantastic, but it's unlikely to help us develop an early stage challenge. One way to address this is to start backwards by building the more challenging challenges first and working our way backwards as we gain momentum. After all, you probably won't have to worry about us stopping recycling anytime soon :-). However, since we will need newbies to test the early challenge, it would be interesting to see if we can recruit somebody to the recycling movement in your neighborhood/building. That itself can be a challenge and it would help us understand what are the key barriers to adoption or how to pitch recycling to the naysayers.

Hope these help!


Juan commented on "LEBRON!"

I love the idea, as it introduces a fun component .

As this grows, however, it wouldn't be far fetched to think that LeBron, the Heat and the NBA would get involved and want to claim naming rights/royalties. It's just how brands operate and these entities are very sensitive to the use of their names because they built significant equity in them. I would use their involvement as an advantage, believe it or not. Big name involvement allows you to reach scale quicker and makes the idea much more likely to stick. Furthermore, if you're a player, why wouldn't you want your name associated with a good cause like recycling?

I can see NBA teams installing separate recycling bins throughout their arenas and naming each recycling category after a star player. In the case of the Heat, Glass could be LeBron, Paper could be Wade and Plastic could be Bosh. Their advertising and social media team would come up with a game day campaign to spread the word, and, if they do a good job, the NBA would help spread. April would be a great month to kick off this campaign because of Earth Day, but the start of a season could also be a chance to launch a new campaign.

If I was a marketing exec at an NBA team I would create an experience around this. It can be part of a fan zone, and you can create a three point line or come up with a HORSE tournament/game. Who knows, maybe somebody makes an awesome shot that ends up in SportsCenter Top 10!! Imagine the scale and awareness this would build!! After somebody participates in the contest, follow up with education pieces on recycling and how to make an impact at home.

Hope this helps!