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Great work overall! Here is what a team including myself came up with after looking over and reviewing this proposal
Value in this idea -

Overall this idea has a lot of different concepts and ideas that will provide a lot of value. One of the best benefits to moving the fish cages off shoar will be an increase in its yield, as much as 30%. There are several ways that this idea will help to provide a leger yield. One way is that moving the cages off shoar will provide better circulation that will keep disease down among the fish. Moving farther of shoar will also prevent the cages from getting contaminated with sewage and silt. Another great benefit is the fact that the new material that these cages will be made out of is very strong and durable. Its strength will allow it to be placed farther offshore and still withstand the force of the waves. Its durability will provide a low maintenance system that won't need as many repairs as the current wooden crates do.
Potential issues they have not identified

Potential issues -

One area that might be worth paying more attention to is that We didn't find a lot of information in the proposal was the cost of production and when the expense would be paid for with the potential high yield. Assuming there is a 30% increase in yield that would then translate to more revenue, it's only worth it if this system is cost beneficial. The new design and materials are durable and strong, but how much do they cost to build and install. How long before the higher yield will pay for the increase in production cost. There is also the problem that even though this material is low maintenance, there is now the added expense of having to travel farther off shoar to maintain the system. It might not be a large expense, but it is one that will set back the amount of time it takes to break even on the initial cost. The plan also calls for this transition to take place in the entire region. One thing to consider would be to initiate this plan in smaller sections to do a sort of trial run, and if it works out as planned then expand to the entire region.

Areas to pay more attention to -

There was a section in the proposal that talked about the challenge of getting the locals and some of the older business owners to switch to this new system. In a lot of ways this system definitely seems better than the old way, but it might be worth seeing if the people are willing to change their way of doing things in the first place. This new system might be better, but these people have to be willing to take the risk that it will actually be better and pay for itself in the end. As mentioned in the proposal that some of the older people that run the fish cages might not want to switch. Part of this might be that they want to be traditional, but also it might be because they are too old to make a risky change in their business that is this large.

Also here is a concept sketch