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Imagining the loss of someone so close.

Imagining the loss of someone so close.

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James commented on Wash

Hi Aaron,

Thanks for your comment! This is my first post on OpenIDEO, so apologies if it was pretty bare.

The last few years we lost a few extended family members unexpectedly. Those experiences reminded me that life can be so unpredictable. I think that I gained a newfound sense of gratefulness for my friends and family. Losing them made me think about how I would cope if I lost the two most important people; my parents. This poem is a reflection on this.

I took this photo on a Massachusetts road that my family and I traveled so many times when I was a kid. One side of my family is in New York and the other is in New Hampshire. To me, this road symbolizes the connection between my families.



James commented on Wash



I enjoyed reading about your idea. Two years ago I began becoming mindful about what I eat and switched to a strict "healthy" diet. I scoured the web looking for healthy recipes, but found they often lacked taste. Not everyone has knowledge of how to enhance flavors of dishes, so I think your app could be especially beneficial for this reason. I like the community-driven aspect where people could share their ideas on how to make it taste better and more healthy if possible.

When I began eating better, I felt better. I had more energy, I was sleeping better, and I was more productive during the day. I then chose to switch over to mostly locally grown vegetables and fruit. I'm not sure if this made a difference in the nutritional aspects of my diet, but it most certainly made me feel more excited about shopping, knowing that I would be contributing to the local economy. I think most people would rather choose to incorporate local ingredients into their diet rather than those from far away. My reason for mentioning this is because I have an enhancement suggestion. The "tag" feature you described is a great idea. I think what could make it even better is focusing the content of the tag information on geography and price. I'm thinking Houzz for food. (Houzz is an app designed for people looking to redecorate/renovate their homes.) In your app, users could upload a "before" picture showing all the ingredients going into the dish. When viewers view this picture, they could mouse over or tap on the ingredient of interest and it will display information like where they purchased it and for how much. I think this may entice viewers to rid their preconceived ideas that eating well means eating expensively.

When I was getting into eating healthier, I found the recipe suggestions online to be boring, but definitely healthy. Websites promoting healthy dishes lacked the personal touch that makes them appealing. I think your app solves this problem and could create an fun incentive for people to consistently eat better.

Great work!