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James commented on Symbiosis Centre for Zero Waste Agriculture

We at Point 3 Biotech recognize the shift the world is making as it grows to understand the physical realities of the planet we live on. Synthetic biology lets us move into the absolute base of processes that nature has used to roll up into the current food systems evolution. Microbes, be they bacteria, fungi or algae, are the base of all life. With current and emerging tools we will be able to reassemble the building blocks the Symbiosis Centre harvests from the back end of food systems. Most SynBio done today uses some form or terrestrially sourced sugars. That still ties the advances to the legacy field crop barriers. In this group we will deliver the ultimate sustainable supply chain by using the gases that come off as volatiles, recombining them with the nutrients and elements that were isolated in the process.
Many will miss the elegance of what is proposed here. It meets the world where they are now. It will use True Cost Accounting to clearly show complete techno economic environmental scores of what is done now. When we use informatics, and include health, ALL stakeholders can help humanity navigate to abundance. This program has a 20 year event horizon, and is completely designed to follow a path of highest and best use, in perpetual competition, until we reach the goals. I love how they say it Power the World, Feed the People, Heal the Planet.