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James commented on Villager S1 Solar Powered Water Purification System

Hey Greg,
What marketing strategies are you using to get the knowledge about this product out? This sounds like an excellent alternative to producing clean water. On another note, are these affordable for the every day person, that way every family has the potential of having one? Is the daily water production of these purification systems great enough to provide a days worth of potable water for a family? 


James commented on Use weeds in the river to treat water

Would the land for these ponds have to be bought as well as renting the equipment? In my opinion, I think more of an incentive will be have to be present for the idea to really take off. The cost of the plant may be inexpensive, but the investment for the land, ponds, management, and the system to get the water in the pond may cost a lot (of course I have no numbers, and I could be wrong about this). If this could be implemented slowly in small communities, with funding provided by private donors, then data that could create a model would be gathered. This would give investors/government more details about a wide/long-term use of these ponds. This could also help establish a system for efficient harvesting of biofuel, food for animals, and fertilizer. Once there is a model that can be presented (a model that has been based in India), then I think this idea will have an easier time taking off. Anyway, this is my thought on this, but this is a neat idea on how to treat water! Best of luck with your idea. 


James commented on “Soap” Operas for WASH Behavior Change

Do you know the demographics about what age group has the most cell phones/cell phone usage. If the younger generation could get targeted by this, so it becomes the "cool" thing to do, it could really help influence the use of IVR. As the younger generations grow with this, there would be the risk that they outgrow it, but there would also be the possibility that it becomes common practice. What types of incentives were you thinking to provide and would it be economical?