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Thank you for your response, and congratulations to you!!
I am interested in learning how this idea develops further. At the moment the biggest hindrance I feel could present itself is the risk of "cheating" from users, who will soon discover that by simply putting the bracelet under water they can watch free tv episodes... have you found this to be an issue as of yet, and have you found any potential solutions?

Hi Elizabeth,
First of all congratulations on the great idea, and for making it to the refinement phase!
The idea is very simple and strips down all complications and much of the cost from normal wearable fitness trackers, which makes it appealing to a much wider audience. I love it!

As some other users pointed out the current major problem with wearables is that most people tend to lose motivation after the initial hype. Perhaps if the rewards were linked not to tv shows but to fitness-related things, such as a week's paid subscription to some personal trainer app, a free day at a local gym, or even some healthy food recipes or discounts at grocery stores/supermarkets for healthy foods, their workout would lead them to improve their lifestyle and health. What do you think? :)


Irene commented on B~Energy

Interesting idea! I love how you created something that lies at the intersection of technology, health, and sustainability. I am wondering if you have considered a possible interaction with wearable devices, other than just the app, or perhaps the possibility to link the app's results with those of Apple health or similar health-tracking apps. Many people already use wearables, so I wonder if you're aiming at creating a potential complement to those offers, or a competitor. Have you had any feedback in this regard so far, and have you thought about the possibility of people perhaps not using your app if they already have a wearable, and the two are incompatible?
Love the idea, and looking forward to see how it develops further! :)