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Dear Kaylee,

Thank you so much for your feedback. You are right and we will put more attention to the education component, at the moment we are looking for partners in this area so to strengthen our vision. Initially, our vision solves the "interest of younger generations" issue, by tackling culture: our aim is to contribute to the shift from an "ego-centric" to an "eco-centric" culture. Second, our vision ignites an engine for a healthy economy where human and financial capital increases in the regenerative farming/fishing sector, but also on the demand side with entrepreneurs creating more jobs by creating with regenerative produce. Both, the culture shift and the availability of jobs will create the conditions for younger generations to keep been involved. But you are right, we have not included education systems and this is key. Thank you again.

Thank you also for the illustration! it has also fed our ideas further (which are on the same note). We will contact you directly again when we have finetuned more about the education to see if we can some further feedback.

All the best!

Thank you Nataly!

I would love to get the contact for your friend's data on Galapagos' wet traditional markets.
About the Information Management, like I mentioned to you on my first comment, it has been a challenge in Galapagos for a while, and I believe only the Observatorio de Turismo really had a good grip around some of the data. What we are envisioning is something that is aggregated and can be seen/understood immediately in graphs and numbers by the entire community (producers, chefs, intermediaries, consumers) about food coming from regenerative production in land and sea. Watching this COVID-19 aggregated system ( by the Johns Hopkins University is a bit more like what we envision, obviously adapted to food and with some images perhaps. It is certainly a challenge, but not impossible. Our focus is for it to be VERY user friendly.

And yes, Urban agriculture is part of our solution as well, but before we go into it (or any prototype of a "more technical solution," we first focus on building the trust and deep understanding necessary to sustain any vision, and to provide the space and time so that this trust and co-creation can endure in the long term; we believe that in the absence of the trust and understanding, no matter how sophisticated or great our information exchange, technology or strategy is, they will simply not work.

Thanks again and we will keep in touch!


Hello Itika,

Thank you for your message. Please look at the proposals from Javier, Soroush, and Nataly, we have already given them feedback but also informed our proposal from it. We are also contributing more directly to the Latitud O proposal as a result. We will keep connecting with the other proposals you suggest and more from other regions. Thank you again!