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I'd be delighted to collaborate with you!

I like how you're thinking of the whole solution here, particularly as you try to change behavior around birth and health care, which are so often ruled by tradition.

I'm a training professional and can offer a suggestion on your training strategy. Consider using story when delivering your information. Rather than just giving the facts about how often a mother should breastfeed, tell a story about a mom who struggled with whether she should wake up her infant son to feed him and worried if she would make enough milk, and how healthy her son grew up to be because of her excellent breastfeeding practices. You could even aim for a serial/soap opera-style story that continues week by week and gets your audience invested in the characters.

Stories have been shown to be 22 times more memorable than facts alone, and if they address the emotion behind the behavior change, can help mothers process their own fear of change. You might even get mothers telling the stories to other mothers in their social circles and spread your good work even further.