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Heatherlee commented on InLid [Update: User Journey]

Robert- this is a fantastic idea! I like that you eliminated the need for a straw substitute altogether. Less is more mentality. And thanks for providing the up front research.

I'm curious if you've thought about areas in which that time of melting decreases significantly? Maybe To-Go drinks are not applicable in areas suffering from drought/extreme heat but it might be cool to expand thinking past water/ice.. in the case it wasn't readily available. How else could you use chemistry to create a matter that dissolves?

Anyway, this idea has some real legs and hope it moves forward so you can really prototype and test this!


Heatherlee commented on Save a life cap - Stay on cap & Baby cap

Hey Barbara! I think this is a clever idea, and I really love how it doesn't disrupt the current opening/drinking experience. Could you take it a little further? Not just up its chances of actually getting recycled.. but how about the cap is made of something completely different? Many companies making canned products are ditching the plastic ring holders and using material that sea animals can actually swallow. Using a natural and biodegradable material could even eliminate the need for a sea animal picture (more resources being wasted). Imagine a weird algae bottle cap or something.. its novelty it would grab attention with the different look. Maybe small text underneath inspiring the same idea as your ad but subtle and provocative..

keep going with this idea it's a good one!


Heatherlee commented on Co-Ops outside of Engineering

Hi Gabby- I'm super interested to learn more about your Engineering - Co-op experience during your education. This should be a given.. I think the world is starting to see the true need for this (where actual experience in the field, starts much earlier than graduation).

Thanks for sharing! Would love to hear more specifics one day on what you think worked well and what didn't.