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Thanks! We have definitely been hearing a lot about the issues of legislation and regulation/zoning etc., especially for food trucks. There are some places making great progress (LA and Portland for example), are there any successful movements in the Chicago area? Also, what is the name of the program you mentioned? I would love to check it out...

Hi Matthew, thanks for asking for direct clarity. As an end consumer, you would get involved in this project by purchasing food from the variety of food entrepreneurs that are a part of the kitchen-- probably a majority of them operating food trucks. By purchasing from kitchen members you would benefit from high-quality and nutritious food made available to you at an affordable price. At the same time you would be supporting an operation that you knew supported local/regional food producers, sustainable/fair food production and farming practices, and supported the development of food entrepreneurs (providing individuals from low-income or marginalized communities with competitive job opportunities).

This project would make food more accessible to low-income communities by coordinating distribution networks for kitchen members to sell their products specifically in low-income areas. These food entrepreneurs, pulled from the low-income communities themselves, will have direct connections to their own communities and therefore a vested interest in serving the needs of these areas. The program could possibly implement unique pricing structures, charging a higher cost in more affluent areas and a reduced price in low-income areas, or offering a food stamp matching program, etc. Additionally, they program would like to identify key partners that could catalyze interest in the food produced by kitchen members (for example working with low-income high schools to allow food trucks to park at sports events, or to open the kitchen up to community healthy cooking classes).

Does this help give a better understanding?

Great idea. As Anne pointed out below, I see a lot of overlap between our to ideas and would love to connect with you further. One main difference is our focus on developing the "middle space" between farmers/food producers and small-scale food entrepreneurs (especially those looking to launch food trucks). Have you thought about building this into your idea at all? We have struggled a bit with identifying the core area of our idea as it is enticing to try and be all parts of the system, but clearly that is too much for any one business to take on. Anyway, your idea has given us a lot of excellent things to think about... we should talk further :)