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Hannah commented on Before the Sun Sets

It's always best to stay true to your vision. Best wishes with the competition!


Hannah commented on Hop On Board!

Perhaps they are going to a relative's block party or maybe at a block they recently moved from? If so maybe hint at this from the beginning?


Hannah commented on Hop On Board!

Hi Roseanne Frank , I enjoyed Hop On Board! Transportation theme books are ever-popular with toddlers and I love the sounds and interactions you've added into this one.

I love ending with a block party! Parties are always exciting. However, I wonder why they needed to take a bus to go to a block party. Usually block parties happen within a short walking distance. Is there another ending that would feel equally satisfying? Perhaps a street fair further down the line? Maybe you could research events that happen on Broad Street in Philly or nearby?

I love the energy of this story, and a child isn't likely to have any logical issues with the destination. I think it would even stronger if the adult reading it wouldn't have any potential logical hang ups!

All best! Hannah