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Hala commented on GLUT-STOP- A Market Reorganizer

I'm  glad you think so! The idea is actually inspired from how small farmers used to sell produce in Lebanon, back before cell phones were available. They used to show up before the morning rush hour and call out their produce on speakers; "potatoes, come get your potatoes"! That was before bad traffic quenched these old ways of doing business there. The running joke was that the farmer's call happened too early. Of course sms or email eliminates the sound nuisance issue.

I imagine running a pilot project would generate ideas on how to best run such a project. I've worked on some logistics projects in the past, so if you ever want to brainstorm I would be happy to.  


Hala commented on GLUT-STOP- A Market Reorganizer

hi Jenny, it's impressive how the idea was inspired by women who self-organized to sell fish without competing in a self-defeating way. Back in Lebanon I was always taught that true solutions are local ones. Do you think that creating small mobile markets would help prevent market glut as well? This is the idea of having pick up trucks stop in certain neighborhoods and sell produce from their truck bed. The sale rendez-vous could be in response to customer requests, by sms. Customers could also join a mail list and be alerted of the truck-bed produce sale by sms. 

I think it's a great idea to use GPS technology to track cows. In countries free of cattle rustling, this idea can help reduce the labor and infrastructure cost of free-range organic cattle farms, and make them competitive against industrial farms. I recently read about the Fleye, a drone with encased fans:  I wonder if this type of drone can be an automated hovering cattle watcher, which responds to a signal from the device in the cows if they leave the pasture's perimeter, by taking pictures of the rustlers.