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병윤(ByungYun) commented on Aluminium laminated paper cup for environment and human health

Hi, Lauren Ito
How are you?
I am an applicant to NextGen Cup who with aluminium laminated paper cup.
I write this letter not for my interest,
but only to be realized genuine NextGen Cup for human and the earth..

I suggest some consideration for NextGen Cup.
You are now selecting top idea,
I hope you find proper idea as you want to find to satisfy ideal conditions.

  There are many good ideas in 29 short list, and it may satisfy NextGen Cup conditions.
But if those ideas can't satisfy all of wanted NextGen Cup conditions completely,
in case of that I hope your consortium investigate my idea once again.

Why do I write this letter?
Because my first submission have some wrong notice in it, as if it can't fully satisfy NextGen Cup conditions.
But it fully satisfy that. ,

My idea can satisfy all purpose of NextGen Cup, as 100% paper recovery and complete health safe.
(My previous submission I wrote 90% or more recovery,
but it is wrong because my understanding of paper cup machine is insufficient,
But now I have more understood it, to be true 100% recovery is very easy
by only using water soluble adhesive)
And further my aluminium laminated cup is very beautiful and can reuse by washing.

  Your consortium really needs to find the best top idea for NextGen Cup,
so If there are not genuine top idea among 29 short list,
then I hope you review my amended notice idea.
Because I think my idea can be completely satisfied to NextGen Cup conditions.

My aluminium laminated paper cup is
1. 100% paper recycle.
2. Paper recycling is very easy. Just put cup into water.
    Because it is combined with water soluble adhesive.
3. Safe to human health completely
4. The cost is similar or slightly more
5. Plastic is 0%.
6. Beautiful with metallic polish.
7. Other industry can adopt this idea with these benefits.

I hope this letter is some good thing for NextGen Cup.
Thank you

Sincerely yours
ByungYun Lim

cell phone : + 82 10 5491 9225
e-mail :


병윤(ByungYun) commented on Grasspaper-Cups

How can you protect water intrusion to paper?
If it originated fiber wood, then paper may wet in water condition. I think.
And all kinds of natural paper cannot be attached each other. Then how can you attach side paper to bottom paper .for sealing.


병윤(ByungYun) commented on Aluminium laminated paper cup for environment and human health

I have already applied for a patent on this invention.