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Hamish commented on The Beog Puuto Project

I have a couple of questions about your vision - first, what is new or innovative here?
Second, you suggest 50% yield increase and 30% income increases for "local incomes". What is the basis for these figures? 50% is possible, but a lot of things need to be aligned for that to happen. And how do you figure the flow of income to the community? Aren't a lot of farmers in this region subsistence? Where does the extra income come from?
Thanks and good luck!


Hamish commented on Terraforming Earth

Hi Johan, Very interesting vision you present here. It sounds very well developed and a quick google search shows me that you already have this running in a pilot format in Burkina Faso. I'm a little troubled though. This can be potentially transformative for smallholder subsistence farmers. They have the potential for a more balanced diet with it also. But the issue I see is for non-subsistence farmers. Their landholdings can be also relatively small (>1 up to 10ha for example). For this group and also those with even larger farms, how do they get enough produce of a certain food type to make a saleable amount? Non-famers need sources of food too of course. The biggest barriers here are related to scale - yes it can work for small holder subsistence famers, but how would you apply it to larger non-subsistence farms?
Good luck and thanks

Hi Claire,
Certainly an interesting vision you present, and I enjoyed reading the back and forth between yourself and Paul in the comments also. As variations of fusarium can be quite dangerous to other crops (up to 100% losses), I'm interested to know if you can provide any more detail on the host-specific nature of that which you present here? Do you have some evidence of that you could share?
Thanks, and good luck!