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Ian commented on Volunteer Mothers Earn Health-Care Services

Ian I agree that it would be ideal to make healthcare free for everyone. However, since nothing is free and has to be paid for by someone, this system could help reduce costs and make care available for more people. I'm not advocating an "earn it or receive nothing" type of plan.
Let me explain a little more.
I live in a state where a local church has a welfare program that outperforms any other welfare program in the world. It helps more people with less money and allows people to take responsibility for their own welfare. In fact, the system works so well that leaders from almost every single developed country have come to see this welfare system in action so they can learn how to improve their own system. Almost every U.S. president in the last 50 years has also come here to learn from this system. So what is the big difference?

Instead of just handing out free food to everyone who wants it, the people in need come to the cannery and help can food for a few hours. Once they are done canning food, they take whatever food home that they need (usually about 1 or 2 weeks worth of food). This allows them to not only help themselves, but to help others at the same time. It infuses confidence that they can help themselves and teaches how to work. It also significantly reduces costs allowing the system to help many more people than it would otherwise. Almost the entire system is run on volunteers from the community, the church and those receiving welfare.
Welfare is still available for those who cannot help can food. In fact, the food is shipped all over the world to people in need. But for those who are able, the system expects them to come help when possible. The biggest surprise is how excited people are to "earn" food by helping with the canning for themselves and for others.

Sorry if I didn't make it more clear in the concept. The volunteer work would be highly encouraged, but not absolutely necessary to receive services. Excuse the insanely long comment, I just wanted to clarify and give more background.


Ian commented on Decentralized mobile health care system

Love this concept Sarah!


Ian commented on What phones do they have already?

Glad you posted this Tristan! I was about to ask what phones we should build our concepts on. I agree that we want to reach the largest group possible by addressing those with basic phones. I also agree with Vincent that smartphones can also play a vital role even in very low-income countries.

Is this phone the most popular in low-income countries, specifically Burkina Faso and Bangladesh as mentioned in the challenge brief?