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German commented on OpenUNI

While stuck in traffic today I was thinking about this challenge, and my idea was very aligned with this :) But I was thinking that beyond engaging faculty or creating school chapters, OpenIDEO could be a course onto itself, leveraging social entrepreneurship topics/content to create a semester's worth of work. It can be offered as an option to all majors and in some programs perhaps be part of the core curriculum... It would definitely be a boost for schools looking to have/boost the CSR/Social Entrepreneurship element in their programs.

If you need help working on this concept let me know! :)


German commented on OpenIDEO Geolocator

I like this! It would mesh really well with the OI website and the idea of the phone app.... and I would include as a feature a "meet-up" capability... brainstorming is much more effective and fun with a group of people in the same room :)