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George commented on Waste in Animal Produce

That's a good question, Kate. The Wikipedia article on the psychology of eating meat cites several articles, linking consumption to masculinity, status, personality, moral disengagement and other factors. These seem to focus more on the moral dilemma of the act of killing animals for food. It’s not clear to what extent participants in the studies have been exposed to information about the industry. Melanie Joy has developed the concept of carnism, that conditions us to eat certain animals.

From a totally personal anecdotal perspective, people can be highly defensive when the subject of diet comes up in conversation with a non-meat eater. Though taste may be a primary factor in why people choose to eat meat, it becomes clear that psychological factors prevent them from giving it up. However, after continual discussion and exposure to the facts, I have known even ardent meat eaters to start to modify their diet. I think that it would be difficult to directly attack the link to prosperity that meat can have, but simply normalising meat-free food might be effective. I recently wondered about a series where food leaders/celebrity chefs take some kind of challenge where they spend a week learning about the issues first hand, coming up with new recipes, and seeing how their attitudes have changed by the end.