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Laura commented on Supermarket Classroom

Sometimes going to the grocery store can be difficult and I think that having good experiences are a crucial part of being a consumer. Your idea is great. I believe that people need help deciding what to buy when they go grocery shopping, especially if they haven't used a particular ingredient before. I'm personally able to identify a lot of different types of food, but because I haven't used it or tried it before I typically stick to what I know. Having ideas presented as they pass by certain foods seems like a viable solution to informing customers about products, similar to how freezers light up when you walk past them in the frozen aisle of the store. I'm not a big fan of having to access my phone while grocery shopping, even though many places (like Target) are using similar platforms. I find myself forgetting to access the app while at the store and end up loosing out on the deal or information anyway, even if I plan to use it prior to going into the store. For me my phone isn't and hasn't ever been a part of grocery shopping experience, so I tend to forget about it, unless it rings.

The first thing that came to mind after reading your post was to create visuals, similar to advertisements and or take aways, like small recipe/information cards or something tactile for the customer to be informed. The card could contain a QR code with a link to the recipe or a video online for those who prefer.