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Hi Naman,
My artistic skills are somewhat lacking so... despite repeated attempts, no visuals, sorry. HOWEVER, I did notice you may be more properly inclined to such artistic endeavors?
To give an idea to the appearance of Prima Facia, cut out a bunch of face pictures about the size of a coin and drop them on a square sheet of paper representing any computer or smartphone screen/monitor. The background behind the faces is cosmetic only and does not effect the system operation. The faces are free to move around the room. The key to this system is seeing yourself and other people around you and interacting normally as you would in person, hearing those close to you, but not those far away, while always hearing the announcer/teacher/lecturer/entertainer.

Your skills as a design engineer caught my eye. Could you take a look at another idea I posted? I also need visuals to properly present that idea too. Its called Escape Pods for Humanity (EPs). EPs are designed to massive reduce homelessness cheaply and humanely. Take the components of an electric bicycle, add a lightweight frame the size and shape of a one person cot. The frame is designed to secure 1 or 2 carry-on luggage beneath the bed. Put a lightweight fiberglass shell around it. Add two gull-wing doors and a solar panel. Bingo - you have an inexpensive mobile bed that provides short-range transportation, secure storage of personal possessions, protection from the elements and a means of recharging personal electronics. Very basic, no amenities, EPs are envisioned to be so inexpensive that social service agencies (government and NGOs) can give one to every homeless person in their city. Cheaply made, they are essentially disposable eliminating the need for service and repairs. Being made of bicycle parts, almost any backyard mechanic or bike shop can handle repairs. With the Covid virus crisis, they also act as wonderful, portable isolation pods. Would you be interested in collaborating on Escape Pods?
Perhaps email directly if system permits?

Hi Naman, Thank you for the nice (and prompt) comments. Please allow me to clarify. Other VR solutions project the immersive experience toward the user via VR headsets, tactile gloves, 3D screens, etcetera. I do not suggest competing in that very well funded 3D arena.
My idea takes the opposite approach to VR. The user's live image (captured from their front facing camera) is projected into a virtual 2D world. Users sees themselves within the environment from an essentially top-down view (except that everybody's face is facing upwards. Weird to describe but it works). By seeing themselves and the other users within the environment, the user mentally becomes their live image within the environment. Any modern laptop, pc or smartphone will be sufficient. A local software package will likely be required. No additional hardware will be required.
Sorry I was unclear. Character limitations necessitated over simplification. There is a lot more to this idea. Education is but one part. The same interface also works as a Social Media App, Virtual Customer Service, eCommerce and other areas.


Gary commented on Escape Pods for Humanity

Dear Uchenna Okafor,
Thank you for the kind comments. I perhaps was unclear. There is no renting foreseen regarding basic model. These may be better thought of as an expendable resource - given away and maybe never seen again. Advanced, commercial models are another story, but basic ($1000) models are to be gifted to the homeless and displaced. I anticipate the vehicle will see harsh treatment given the targeted population. I project the average vehicle to be serviceable/usable for at least 1 year. That is how I arrived at the numbers $1000/person/year. In real life, giving the users ownership will actually extend vehicle life because owners take better care of their property than renters. Ownership is a key aspect that will help these people develop mentally, emotionally and financially.