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A tool to inform people about the benefits of a vegan diet and give them practical tips to veganize their traditional recipes.

A tool to inform people about the benefits of a vegan diet and give them practical tips to veganize their traditional recipes.

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Giannicola commented on Veganizeit

Thanks for the comment Bettina, as I told to Shane I agree with your observations.

Once I designed a recipes website as an university project in witch the process to prepare a dish was divided step-by-step and organised on a timeline with comments to each step (so in was easy to add variations and substitute ingredients). Maybe a similar approach could be useful to collect experiences and tips around a recipe.

My family habits have changed considerably, my sister became vegetarian, while my brother and parents reduced a lot the consumption of meat and dairy products. They also started to use whole wheat flours and others ingredients that they were not using in the past.


Giannicola commented on Veganizeit

Hi Shane, thanks for your comment.

I completely agree with you. The more this tool is open the more it can reach people and produce effective results. I just realized that the name "Veganizeit" goes in the opposite direction and probably closes the idea to many people. The goal is not to put labels on people and their diets, but to spread useful informations about healthier alimentary habits.


Giannicola commented on Veganizeit

Hi Bettina, thanks your comment.

I'm from a traditional Italian family and when I started to prefer vegan food my mother (that loves to cook and express her love also through cooking) just din't know what to prepare when we were eating together. Specially because it was mostly in holiday meals, when to respect traditional dishes is a serious business.

But actually it’s easy now to get informations about substitute foods, and when you learn some techniques and start using some new ingredients you can “veganize" almost everything.
Now she makes vegan stuffed peppers, lasagne and parmigiane that are often better than the originals.

On vegan blogs and recipe websites there are plenty of substitute foods for meat, eggs and other dairy products. For instance:

Meat and fish are generally replaced with seitan, soya, beans or chickpeas.
Butter with oil, margarine, but also avocados or bananas.
Eggs with many things including potatoes, avocados, bananas, chickpeas flour, vegetal yogurt.