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Marie, to your point about the calculation of expected lifecycle: One thing to consider is that over time there would need to be an increase in the expected lifecycle of products. How could your idea help to push ever increasing expectations for the length of time that consumers hold on to products?

This idea made me think of something like a "cap-and-trade" system for e-waste producers. The government could set a minimum life expectancy target for particular categories of devices with penalties for failure to meet targets (and rewards for those that exceed targets). That's to say that your idea could be applied at both the consumer and production sides.

I look forward to your responses to Paul's questions. Good luck developing this interesting idea!

I really like the credit deposit idea and how this might put some real weight behind the tracker idea. A couple of ideas/questions:
- Could you modify this to give credits for people keeping products beyond the designated lifecycle?
- How would one determine the expected lifecycle of a product? Would this be similar to a government setting minimum fuel requirements for automobiles?
- If the product is poorly made and thus become irreparably broken before its designated lifespan, does the consumer or the company pay for the lost deposit?


Graham G. commented on OpenIDEO Branding Team

I definitely agree with the need to form virtual groups during the concepting phases. This has been brought up before and I hope it becomes part of a later iteration of OpenIDEO. Paul's post here is a great illustration of the potential value of such a feature.