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Hi @Jodi Glover Thiel- I love this post, as IPNB is a fascinating subject (so is Dr. Dan Siegel!). I loved this- that we invariably add to trauma by distancing ourselves from the end of life, culturally. I think this is maybe a better way of saying a part of what I was saying in my post Life/Loss/End of Life.... be with it sounds so 70's! But honestly, sit with the realities of life and it becomes more familiar, hence less scary. When you can be familiar, you can be connected with people who need you just to be with them. Thank you for your post. It has given me additionally, a lot to think about. :-) Christine Cress


Christine commented on A patient of the human condition

Hi Ron, Thank you for the great post. I didn't read it prior to posting mine about life/loss/end of life intertwined but we are aligned, nonetheless. End of life is not a destination. It's a process. Starting now. Ending of life and living then are connected and can be in a happy, meaningful way when you focus on what's right in front of you and do that thing now. Whatever that thing is. I don't mean being a complete hedonist, but the people, the relationships, the opportunities. Today. Thank you for sharing. -Christine Cress


Christine commented on Me, My siblings, Our Memory, and The Car Accident

Wow! What an incredible post. I believe we all have life experiences that are meant to help our unique soul unfold. What you have had to witness and endure with family including nanny passing away is unbelievable. But here you are. Alive and inspired to talk, write, educate about it. It only further underscores my belief that we all come to a unique purpose and our experiences reveal it to us. Though considered "normal" particularly in Asian cultures, silence must have been an internal pain in you throughout your life. And for that pain, I wish to reverse time and erase it. But your endurance and insights have inspired me. And that could not have happened if your experiences didn't exist. Thank you for sharing your insights on response to death. I think you should post Hereafter! :-)