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Gabriela commented on Gaining a new perspective of students who are also mothers

Hello Kate,

Currently, our university offers Child Watch, a partnership with the local YMCA. Parents of 3-12 y/o can use the service in four hour blocks, up to 12 hours a week, for a $5 per hour fee. This is great step forward. Although, I have observed that mothers of children who are 2 years old or younger are the ones that find it more difficult to get support. The university is also very active in finding ways to inform students about their possibilities in case a students is not able to finish a class or the assignments due to conflicting parenting obligations, but there is only so much we can do, because of the precepts of Title IX, that focuses on egalitarian ways to treat and protect students. 


Gabriela commented on Infographics to Inspire Change

I agree with many of you. I truly believe that audience has to be one of the most important parameters when visualizing data. Somthing that should be taken into consideration is "where" this information will be displayed and accessed by their different audiences. Thinking about places where people get together or where people (say, locals) get informed everyday. Thinking on education levels and how people might read the information and how. Prototyping and follow ups to measure effectiveness should be as important as the final product or what it is trying to communicate in order to be successful.