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Fraz commented on Neighbourhood E-waste Champion

I like this concept, Id' been thinking about the whole tupperware party approach to spreading a product & it's message for awhile.I was about to write it up I stumbleed onto your concept. Love it!

As a possiable addition I thought a sub-feature of the app could an area that is used as a sort of pininterst space for ideas and methods to reused or repurposed e-waste to be useful to society again. I see there is an opportunity to encourage more than just effective e-waste disposal but the empowerment of individuals to use re-use materials... (yes, this is targeting hipters)


Fraz commented on YOUTH

I like this idea, to me it's a sort of highly focused & specific Finishing school for jobs seekers. It's almost like a practical skills based block course.

I was reading your concept & I kept thinking about how this echos many features of organisations like Outward bound NZ -

It seems to me that there would be different stages & motivations for doing the couse. I feel having motivated participants would be a completely different experience to participants who are simply placed or told to go.

I am fascinated with the opportunities of this concept, it would be a difficult but fun challenge to design a tailored training experience that understands the values of the participants so that the training is focused & framed around participants thinking and values (sighting generation Y values profiling etc -
which is a busy read but does have good insight to current challenges).

I can see this concept having a great connection & possibly a direct connection to Lydia's experiecne bank concept.


Fraz commented on Experience Bank (or possibly CV Lifeline)

On reflection what I propose above is maybe just an additional feature of the concept, that if the user chooses to present their experience bank to tell that story then they would be able to - building upon the concept that a good job application is based upon crafting & customisation your CV/resume to the job you want.