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Fraz commented on Experience Bank (or possibly CV Lifeline)

On reflection what I propose above is maybe just an additional feature of the concept, that if the user chooses to present their experience bank to tell that story then they would be able to - building upon the concept that a good job application is based upon crafting & customisation your CV/resume to the job you want.


Fraz commented on Experience Bank (or possibly CV Lifeline)

Lydia, a cool concept, I've been kicking around a idea that might add a different flavour.

I think building this solution through a service (such as facebook/Linkined) is good thinking. The user would be presented with a set of tools, methods to develop a combined experience bank profile & CV/resume (I invision the experience bank working in a similar what the OpenIDEO's Design quotient works - but with more detail & richness, according to the users use of the tool).

To add to the concept I suggest that great opportunity lies within the recording of user behavior (& not just a 2D record of experience and history).

I keep coming back to that age old idea that if you really want something you can put your head down, work hard & with a bit of luck it'll happen. Typically it's hard to present/sell this hunger for a job beyond appearing excited in an interview or thorough correspondence with the potential employer.

Keeping that in mind what if the experience bank was able to show the users journey, show what they tried, what the did, showed their decision making & their course of action(s) - such as previous job interviews & any learning outcomes or directions gained).

It would be a powerful indicator to potential employers of the users passion & focus as well as an excellent way to create empathy from the employer regarding the users journey. Additional from the employers perspective it only makes sense to employ someone who shows a focus & a hunger for the job.