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Hello Sarah!

It's amazing how the idea is quite simple and yet so useful and impactful.
I could easily see you guys partnering up with big organizations to have even better support services for refugees.

Keep up with the great work!


Francisco commented on Loop, Give*Receive*Repeat

Hello Claudia!

Very interesting idea!
I have a question for you:
- Do you imagine a follow-up step where, after a period of 3-6 months working as house cleaners, these women could try to upgrade to higher paying job? You said there were a lot of doctors, lawyers and so on.
If the market opportunity is real than I think you have an amazing opportunity right here, well done!
Employability is a really important step to integration and social inclusion - we have found that in our project as well.

Best of luck!


Francisco commented on Tree Tracker - Money App

Hey David!

Really enjoyed reading about your idea. Green employment is without question, a great way to enhance local economies and markets, specially in areas that are rich in nutrients and weather conditions, but undervalued by the local community.
I believe the technological gap might be the main obstacle you'll find, but still it can be overcome.