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Fiona commented on The Water Project

Love it! This is such a simple but powerful solution, that I'm surprised this grassroots approach to bringing awareness to water sanitation hasn't been utilized more. We talk about providing cleaner water through new technologies, but so much of it involves added costs and change in the system and it remains limited by political systems, technical restraints, and funding. This community-based approach will allow for sustainable growth of providing clean water. I see it making a huge impact!


Fiona commented on Tapp

@contribution I wholly support this idea. When I hear the sound of running faucets I immediately wonder why there isn’t a feature to allow faucets to auto-shut off. At most high-traffic public areas now, I see motion sensor faucets, but it hasn't been brought into the home yet, and that is where it is needed the most. From washing dishes to showers, there are seemingly limitless applications, and the main challenge I see is the cost of developing the motion sensors, and making the possibility of running the water continuously the option instead of the default feature. Thanks for submitting this great idea!