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Felicia commented on When you're not here anymore where shall I...?

Thanks for the feedback everyone! 

Two adaptations based on all of your contributions:
1) Becky  Yes - maybe their loved ones can also leave "Notes" for them for the experience? This would fit in with Kate Rushton  's suggestion also...
So, e.g. For the question about "Mom, when you're not here anymore where shall I travel to as a remembering mom trip?" Your mom could put a voice recording telling you "Remember to look at the sunset over X location - I loved that" or to share a lovely memory there or something that made them laugh. Persons could have the option of making "notes" (photos/voice notes,music) available only after they are gone and when the person is embarking on the experience. Ideally we do want to encourage people to speak about this before they pass on ...but for some people this unknown message may be something they cherish.
2) Chris Lee  , I definitely agree that ideally this should be done as a part of life rather than when approaching death! I'm thinking that documenting the day to day may be a bit emotionally overwhelming for some people, so a thought is to give people the option: let's remember the little things (more day to day) vs carefully thought our and agreed upon experiences like where to travel...So they can create their own curated lists.