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Jeanne commented on Preflight: Real-world challenges in the classroom

I'm working with Gavin to potentially test Preflight in his journalism/yearbook class this fall in Davis, CA. Who else would like to be involved, either in person or virtually?

Our immediate need is to develop a timeline framework to use for planning and implementation of the Preflight. If anyone can point me to one that may have already been identified in the comment thread or elsewhere, please let me know. Or if you'd like to draft one for our use, please do so. We're looking for a template or format that we can use for the test challenge and then modify once we go through the process so that future Preflight challenges can leverage our experience.


Jeanne commented on Preflight: Real-world challenges in the classroom

Got it. I just sent an email to you with my contact information.


Jeanne commented on Preflight: Real-world challenges in the classroom

Hi Gavin,

I'd like to follow up on a comment you made earlier today regarding your idea to test the challenge at your school. I'd like to offer my assistance as a business professional. I have recently moved to the SF Bay area and may be able to schedule a few hours of my time on a couple days to participate in the classroom activities. It is my understanding that you are in Davis, CA, which is about an hour or longer drive from my location in Richmond.

I'd like clarification of the topic and class curriculum for the test challenge. In your comment you mention a journalism class and gov/econ class.

"...a senior project at my school in gov/econ where teams "start a business" (eg write a plan, do marketing, plan finances, etc.) I found out that our school actually brings in entrepreneurs at the beginning of the project to talk to students."

"I'm taking a journalism class which is pretty open-ended, so it was suggested that we test a challenge in there."

If you are looking for a professional to help with the "start a business" project, then you will find my background of interest. Between 2002 and 2012 I started, purchased, and sold several small businesses on my own or in partnership with others. I have also worked as a mentor with college level students enrolled in Entrepreneurship classes. I coached 4 teams of 6 students to create and test a new business idea in their community (over the course of a semester).

Look for my email address in my profile if you'd like to discuss my participation in more depth outside of this exchange.