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Dear Kenneth Walton I would like to share some thoughts about your projectidea. To be honest, using a laserpointer for self defense is not something I could recommend. Even though some people do according to scientists experience desorientation from such devices, I doubt that with a beam of light you can incapacitate every agressor in an emergency immediately and what could easily happen is that the agressor would simply physically turn around the device and force it in the victims eyes and possibly cause irreversible damage to the victim's retina. Some years ago I was experimenting with handheld lasers for a design project and even though I was quite stupid to do so and I definitely would not do it again with today's knowledge, I tried out these days what it feels like to look into a green 5mw laserpointer from short distance and I did not collapse of desorientation at all even though according to specialists, I risked to damage my retina.
While a project like "Red Chilli Powder Filled Glass Bangle for Women's self-Defense" from Avi Solomon for example is in my oppinion potentially disturbing and thus limiting an aggressor more intensively than a beam of light, I see a higher chance to develop a ring or bracelet ar any other jewellery with chilli, pepper(spray), teargas or whatsoever while not potentially hurt or damage anyones body for the rest of his/her life. Just hope you are aware that there is not much space between distracting someones eyes and causing irreversable damage when using laserbeams as a self defense tool in a person to person fight situation.